Penulis : Totok Harjanto, SE., MTp.

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Penerbit : Fakultas Ekonomi UNTAG Cirebon

Edisi : JURNAL EKONOMI ISSN: 2302-7169 Vol. 2 No. 3 Mei-Agustus 2014


Problem of poverty has yet to be resolved by the government. Regime change of government since independence Indonesia has been unable to solve the problem of poverty in Indonesia. The government does not strong commitment in addressing poverty. It can be seen from the measurement of indicators of poverty that still use the approach of staple foods / rice. Though the living conditions of communities already undergone many changes. Basic living needs of society changed in line with technological developments and communications. Basic living needs of individuals now incorporate elements of communication, information, transportation and education. So it is very much different from the approach used by the government. The use of this new approach will certainly increase the number of poor people there.

Kata kunci : Kemiskinan, Indikator, dan Masyarakat

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