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Edisi : Vol. 1 No. 1 September-Desember 2012


This paper is to fulfill one of the tasks subjects Management Information System with the title "Information Systems and Information Resources". The development of information resources will lead to changes in the role of managers in decision making, they are required to always be able to obtain the most accurate and current information can be used in the decision making process. Information system is a combination of work procedures, information, people and information technology are organized to achieve goals within an organization by providing information for decision makers. Where every manager must manage all these information resources as efficiently and effectively as possible because the information has become one of the resources that must be managed properly. The purpose of this paper is to find out information on a company's systems, resource planning information and information systems regarding information resources can be used for management control information. By limiting the scope of the discussion which addressed only the elements of information system and its role sisitem information, the approach of the strategic planning of information resources and information system model of the information resources. Based on the discussion, it is known that the information is an integral element of (human and equipment) that work together to carry out the processing of information from start collecting, processing, storage and distribution. Where a manager requires information before he took the decision. Information is one of the resources required a lot of reports manajer.Dengan use or display of information to reflect the company's physical condition and information resources are managed by the CIO (Chief Information Officer), as manager of information services contributing its expertise in solving problems relating to information resources as well as other areas of company operations. With the benefits of strategic planning information that the company can find out important factors needed in developing an information system that aligned with corporate strategy is therefore as well as other resources, which should be available at all necessary, resource information also must be available when is required. In order for any required information is always available, we need a system that will serve to provide information whenever needed.

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